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We also developed some additional jingles for Aloha Care. Aloha Care currently owns these, so we are not able to release them to the public for use, however, please feel free to take a look. We are taking any other inquiries for writing for organizations that value aloha in any form.


About four years ago, my father and I were able to collaborate on creating a song for a songwriting competition that he wanted to enter.

Hawaiian music holds a very special place on both of our hearts, so when I wrote down the beginning lyrics of the song, "the spirit of the islands," I thought of the heart of what makes Hawai`i what it is. It's a whisper of love, the smiles on the faces of the people you're nurtured by. My uncle, Ken Makuakane, completed the lyrics and my father, Roddy Lopez (in the video to the right), added the arrangement and music. And now we have, "The Spirit of Hawaii."

Jingle Writing
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