Papa a Wākea


5.5" x 8.5" - $7

12" x 18" - $30


In Hawaiian mythology, Papa is the god of land, mother to all creation and Wākea is god of sky, father to all creation. To Hawaiians, these two gods are foundational to the Hawaiian creation story, beginning with sky and land. Again, this is very similar to many other cultures in that you'll find sky and land as the beginning of all culutral myths. Fun fact, Mauna Kea is actually the shortened named for Mauna a Wākea which means mountain of Wākea, taking note of it's elevation and the point at which Papa meets with Wākea.

Additionally, the words typically used to describe earth and sky are hōnua and lani. You'll see the name Lani as a fairly common name in Hawai'i.

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