5.5" x 8.5" - $7

12" x 18" - $30

Kala means “color.” If you want to learn what they are: `Ula`ula - “red," Melemele - “yellow," Poni - “purple," Pōlū - “blue," `Ele`ele - “black," `Ākala - pink, `Ālani - “orange," Ke`oke`o - “White,” Āhinahina - “grey," `Ōma`oma`o - “green.” I hope you are all doing well, staying safe, and even staying sane during this quarantine. I hope that we’re leaning into each other so much more and combatting the racism that can come from these kinds of crises. 🙂 On a happy note, I feel like I’ve been growing so much over the past few months that I’m really excited to post up some of the new pieces I’ve been working on. I’m sort of moving away from the solid line art for a bit. I may be back with it, but the tools I’ve acquired lately really brings to life some of the work I’ve aspired to do with Hawaiian culture. This and another piece, which I’m turning into sticker, will be the last of the line artworks for awhile. I hope it brings you life! Especially during these times.


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