Hae Hawai`i
"Hawai`i’s flag"

Ka Hae Hawai`i is an honored flag developed over time by Kamehameha I (Pai`ea) with many other collaborators. It began with Kamehameha I’s relationship with Captain George Vancouver. As much as we are upset at the development that we see in our states, Kamehameha’s business, martial, and political relationship with many visitors, actually gave him the edge that no other chief had. Through their partnership, he was given the highest war tech of their time, resulting in the necessary victories to unite the islands. Vancouver’s relationship with Kamehameha was one of high respect and therefore, gifted him with the red ensign, which, at the time, was not used by the UK flag. It was then, in 1793, that Kamehameha asked for the first flag: the red ensign with a red backdrop. However, throughout the years, as Ireland joined the UK, and the Union developing relationship with Kamehameha, the tension between the two countries (UK & US) were projected even onto him. So, to avoid the conflict, in 1816, Kamehameha commissioned to develop a flag that represented both partners. And therefore, the commission for Hawai`i’s current flag was made. It stands as a representation of Kamehameha’s ability to play the politics and maintain the strength of the Hawaiian people. This move has both a powerful narrative of Kamehameha and its shadow side, an opening for Lili’uokalani`s take-over; which speaks to the very nature of the Hawaiian story that contains both beauty and mourning all in the same story.

When we raise the flag, we don’t raise it to disrespect others. We raise it to express the story that comes from Kamehameha I’s ability and vision to unify his people. Furthermore, it represents his strength when playing the politics; a trait passed down to the rest of the Hawaiian people. Ea!


3" x 3" stickers that can be applied anywhere and on anything. Rock them on your hydroflask, yeti, bike, macbook case, phone case, etc.


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