Hō`ike Hewa (“Misrepresent”)


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As serious as we should take sharks, we must also deny the media’s portrayal of fear toward them. It’s truly the difference between fear and respect. Sharks are indeed dangerous creatures. However, we need not fear them to the point of panic.

Pearl Harbor used to be the site for so many sharks. The water was so fresh and vibrant that it housed so much wild life. Ka'ahupāhau, the shark god, lived in Pu'uloa (the Hawaiian name for the Pearl Harbor area). Ka'ahupāhau guarded the waters and the residents in Pu'uloa. Even more so, she guarded the pearls found within the bay. Since the military took it over, the waters are murky and almost swamp-like. After the bombing, the water fills up with oil from even the memorial.



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