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Official trademarked Spirit Jersey highlighting the core value of Ponoono Art: "Aloha `Āina" on the back with the alpha Honu design in the front.


My studio was developed under the core value of Aloha `Āina, which literally translates “love of land.” In Hawaiian culture, like many indigenous cultures, land is an all-encompassing word. It does not just mean land made of dirt and foliage. It goes beyond to mean all of creation. So when we say Aloha `Āina, we mean to say love and care for all things created. But more importantly, we recognize the deep connection between all created beings. And that is why Aloha `Āina drives protests. It is a call to care in the form of progress and protest to treat the land and its people with absolute value.


There is no deeper value than Aloha for the Hawaiian people. And while you hear it and see it at every tourist attraction, I hope that by this purchase, you’ll be able to express to everyone you come across, the depth and value this word has for its people.


Constructed in heavyweight 14-singles cotton.


Spirit Jersey trademarked garment design.   Made in USA

Unisex style. Ladies, typically size down one size. 

Our models are wearing a size Medium.

Turn inside out and machine wash cold with a gentle cycle. Tumble dry low, or air dry. 


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